Philosophy – To Financial Planning

In developing a financial plan we take much time and effort in gaining a full understanding of where you are now and where you have come from. This naturally leads onto where you want to go.

It’s only then we can tailor a plan that’s right for you.

Our philosophy is to build strong, lasting client relationships around …

~ Providing integrated “whole-life” solutions,

~ Being active listeners,

~ Giving attention to detail, and

~ Being a supportive, professional team offering a long-term, caring service.


Philosophy – To Investing

There are a multitude of investment choices out there from which to choose – including high interest cash, rental property, blue chip Aussie shares, term deposits, bonds and international shares.

Establishing which which are right for you depends on a range of factors including:

~        Your stage in life.

~        Whether you are looking short or long term.

~        Past investing experience.

~        Need for income or growth.

~        Tax rate.

Understanding investment risk …

It’s also important to become familiar with how different investments can be expected to perform, in both good times and bad.  Avoiding all risk is impossible, it’s more a case of knowing the source of the risk and then matching the final investment choices with your particular circumstances that’s important.

There’s more to “risk” than meets the eye. None of us like to lose money.  But if an investment goes down in value, does that automatically mean we have lost money ?  Generally no, if the asset is of good quality and we can wait for its true value to be restored.

America’s most successful investor, Warren Buffett, has described the share market as the place where … “wealth is transferred from the  impatient to the patient, with most people choosing to sell out at the wrong time.

Many of the risks to be considered, when investing, are shown below:

A  balanced approach …

For most people, “A Balanced Approach” is the key to successful investing.  In other words, you spread your money across each of the main asset classes of cash, fixed interest, shares and property in different proportions after taking into account your particular circumstances.

This way, you participate in the upward movements of each asset class, with downward movements  being offset by more stable sectors.  You also avoid the trap of trying to time when you should move from one asset class to another.  Something which can turn sound investing into gambling.

It’s a common phrase, but true … “… don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”. 

The question becomes, however,  “… which eggs do you put into which baskets ?”

Before you invest …

There are many things to consider when making the appropriate investment.  First amongst these are your short, medium and long term goals.

Before you invest, the following key issues need to be addressed …

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